Migration of accounts, contacts and opportunities from a third-party CRM system to SAP C4C. The tasks include setting up and reconciling the data mapping and checking the data provided as text files before the transformation and loading process. Once the data has been transferred to the target system, the successfully transferred data must be made available to the source system for identification there.


Altova Mapforce requires extensive data validation to transform the data provided in text files. This includes matching the accounts and contacts to be migrated with the data already present in the target, so that there are as few duplicates as possible during import. The data must also be matched against another third-party CRM system that is in the process of being replaced. If there are matches, the imported objects must also be marked as migrated there, although this is not the original source. A check for potential duplicates also takes place in the SAP ERP system, which exchanges data with C4C via interfaces. SAP C4C's Data Workbench is used to load the *.csv formatted load files generated by Altova Mapforce as a complete business object or as an individual object.


The transfer of sales data from SugarCRM to C4C is part of the consolidation of the CRM software in the group. This provides the users of the CRM system to be replaced with a better data basis for their own business and a uniform range of functions. Only selected data coordinated with the users is relevant for the migration. Historical data remains in the source system and is available to users in read-only mode until a defined point in time.