Short description:

The work started with Project IDs 5846 and 5946 to replace an existing Access solution for central, company-wide management of IT system authorizations is being continued. The aim of this migration step is to completely decommission the old application for day-to-day business. To this end, functionalities for managing technical users will be integrated into the new intranet application. Furthermore, complex search options as well as the detailed management of authorization assignments of the individual systems will be added. Additional adjustments concern optimizations of the operation and presentation, which support a more efficient work of the application users.


The implementation work is carried out in permanent, intensive coordination with the affected user groups (application administrators, service desk and Active Directory administration) in order to optimally support or also simplify the existing processes. In this context, the project team develops proposals for the sensible design of technical processes and suitable operating structures. These are coordinated with the stakeholders and budget managers, implemented and put into operation. The essential decommissioning of the old application allows in-depth optimization of data management and structuring in this context in order to support changed processes in a targeted manner. In this context, the quality of the managed information will also be significantly improved. As an intranet application, the new system is based on .NET6 and ASP.NET Core as well as Entity Framework 7.

Technical description:

The system is used for central access control to the company's IT systems and consolidates information from the central HR master data, the Active Directory and the company's biometric access control. Integrated into the internal ITSM processes, personal and technical system accesses are activated as well as deactivated manually or through defined events. The system also forms the basis for monitoring IT access, especially for supervisory authorities.