Short description:

Triggered by the change of the standard browser used throughout the company from Internet Explorer to Edge and a simultaneous modernization of the IT infrastructure, existing intranet applications (based on .NET Classic) are to be adapted to the new environment or modernized.


Depending on longer-term effort/benefit considerations, application-internal updates (such as JavaScript modernizations) but also complete migrations based on .NET Core are conceivable. Appropriate decisions are made in cooperation between the PTA and the IT managers. The detailed planning and realization of the work is the responsibility of the PTA. In addition to the technical modernization of the applications, a conversion of the data traffic to HTTPS is to be implemented.

Technical description:

The intranet applications cover areas of application such as general information systems, interface controls between TC and IT systems, technical administration and authorization control systems, and a tool for decommissioning planning of the power plant. They cover a development and deployment period of more than 10 years. Technologically, the applications are based on ASP WebForms, ASP MVC5 as well as ASP MVC Core.