Short description:

The work started in the previous project to modernize the existing intranet telephone directory will be continued in the back-end area. For this purpose, the WCF service for the high-performance provision of required information will be converted to rest services based on ASP MVC Core. The source information is reloaded cyclically from the relevant data stores. Additional XML endpoints are used to retrieve information from dynamically generated reports. In addition to the technological modernization, additional business requirements are implemented. This concerns a reverse search for mobile numbers as well as the possibility to call up person details directly via URI. The work serves to further standardize and modernize deployed technologies. They are completely designed and implemented by PTA.


The .NET 4 WCF backend is completely replaced by a .NET 6 ASP MVC core API. The existing functionalities for the central storage of relevant information and its cyclical updating from the source systems are thereby emulated with current technologies. Additional endpoints for Reporting Services queries serve to simplify the overall system and eliminate the need for the previous dedicated WCF service for providing dynamic report data. Communication between front-end and back-end is adapted from SOAP to REST. The existing .NET 6 frontend will be suitably extended for this purpose and supplemented by additional search options. Furthermore, a possibility is offered to generate hyperlinks to person details via an integrated mechanism, which are used in intranet articles.

Technical description:

The overall system provides a central information point on the corporate intranet for quick and easy searches for people and TC resources. The information provided relates to company, department or TC resource assignments as well as available images of employees. In addition, dynamic reports or predefined TC lists can be queried based on search results.