Short description:

Existing system interfaces for transferring personnel data from SAP HR to central data stores of individual software development will be converted to FTPS communication. In this context, a technical migration of the applications previously based on .NET 4 to the current .NET 6 standard will take place. In the process, generally usable functionalities are encapsulated within components and made available for further use in the company's own Nuget server.


Changes to personnel data in the database, which contains several tens of thousands of entries on internal and external employees, are permanently made available by SAP HR via a central distribution mechanism. The transfer of relevant information for the central personnel master of the individual systems takes place task-controlled at short intervals through these interfaces. Their functionalities are divided between a .NET component for the transfer of incoming information via FTPS and a database part with high-performance synchronization mechanisms between incoming and existing information.

Technical description:

The central HR master of the individual systems consolidates person-related information from several source systems such as SAP HR, TC systems, Active Directory and the business management system. The interfaces to SAP HR play an essential role in keeping person-specific information such as name details, department and company assignments at a high level of up-to-dateness.