Short description:

The customer's incoming document entry system is an aging in-house development whose technical standards are partially outdated. A needs analysis of the program and the interfaces to the adjacent systems is carried out.


The incoming document capture system, which is almost 20 years old and programmed with .NET code, is still partly based on old Windows technologies and the data is located in SQL databases. The challenge is to ensure the customer's future viability when processing electronic incoming invoices and those in paper form. The peculiarities of the energy market in Germany and Austria must be taken into account. The program has interfaces to a master data application, an energy information system, a data analysis tool and to SAP as a booking program.

Technical description:

In the course of the project, the following tasks will be performed: a rough analysis of the actual processes currently mapped by the incoming document entry system, an interface analysis of the other systems connected to the incoming document entry system (source and target systems), an examination of the offers on the energy market by standard software providers, a comparison of the target processes and the possible mappings by third-party providers, and a rough analysis for a possible in-house development similar to the existing system. Participation in vendor presentations and regular status meetings are held to coordinate the progress of the project.