Short description:

New development of a legal system, in compliance with regulatory requirements, for the management of master data and payment systems (customers and contracts) with the aim of accelerating internal software development processes, improving data quality compared to the old system and achieving standardisation and transparency of processes. PTA GmbH provides support in the areas of conception, architecture, development and procedure (Scrum).


The application is being developed as a single-page web application (SPA). For the front-end development, Angular is used in conjunction with the UI framework DevExtreme from DevExpress. The backend is a web API developed on the basis of the .NET Core Framework, which offers REST services and uses an SQL server database for persistence. JSON is used for data exchange between the front end and the back end.

Technical description:

The newly developed system is intended to improve and speed up internal processes in software development. At the same time, data quality should be improved and the specialist department should be provided with a modern, future-proof application.