Short description:

New development of an application for the distribution of different property insurance products, which can be offered and sold together in one shop.


The architecture of the application is based on a micro-frontend approach, i.e. the application consists of individual smaller applications that are orchestrated on one page at runtime. Thus, individual shop components (toolbar, dashboard, checkout) as well as each line of property insurance (e.g. liability, household contents, legal protection, etc.) have their own application. These applications are made available as web components and dynamically loaded into the shop as required. The communication and data management of the components among each other is based on events. In order to guarantee the flexibility of the application with short release cycles, a cloud architecture is used. The following frontend technologies were used: Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, Redux, Webpack, HTML, CSS, Jest, Cucumber and Cypress.

Technical description:

The aim of the project is to combine various non-life products in a shop system reminiscent of online shops and to use a discount system to create incentives for customers to take out several non-life insurance policies in a bundle. A further focus is on being able to integrate future product updates quickly and bring them to the market. In order to convince existing customers to switch to the new non-life products, a complex price calculation system is being implemented which should not put the customer in a worse position than in the old contract in the event of a contract conversion.