Short description:

Analysis, concept and implementation for the replacement of the connection of hardware meters in the port to the SAP backend. The connection is currently made via OPC-DA (Open Platform Communications) and is to be replaced in preparation for the introduction of a new shipping system.


After a detailed technical analysis in cooperation with the manufacturer of the meters, the communication will be changed from OPC-DA to a manufacturer-specific protocol in connection with COM servers. For this purpose, the existing software will be extended by the manufacturer-specific protocol in order to ensure that a smooth transition from the old to the new protocol is possible. In this context, the software will be ported from VC++ 6 to Visual Studio 2019 for Windows 10.

Technical description:

Supports the IT department in the planned introduction of a new dispatch system. The interface used to the backend system is changed to a technology that is also supported by the future dispatch system.