Short description:

Organizational analysis of the IT user service (User Help Desk) to identify weaknesses and develop suggestions for improvement.


The strengths and weaknesses of the user service are investigated. The central question is whether the existing personnel, equipment, know-how and other general conditions can be used to satisfy the tasks and wishes of the users. In this context, it is of particular interest to find out which interfaces and rules of competence are no longer up-to-date and meaningful within the current concept of the UHD. Improvements and measures are worked out depending on the answers to the questions asked.

Technical description:

The following tasks are carried out in detail: interviews with the organizational units involved (HelpDesk, computer center, system administration, application programming, organization), data analysis with MS Access (reports from the service tool database), monitoring of the user survey, business process and vulnerability analysis, resource planning in the user helpdesk, preparation of a list of measures, final presentation.