The tasks in the upgrade project for Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) 10gR1 to 10gR2 include checking whether the migrated dimensions, fact tables and mappings of the customer's existing data basis can be run, making any necessary corrections to the functions, executing test runs, and comparing the test results with the production system.


The customer has used the Oracle Warehouse Builder 10gR1 on an Oracle 9.2 database since the start of 2005. Since that time, the data basis for the statistics used in the company has been created in this environment. As there are certain bugs in this release's development environment - including overlapping screens on the user interface, changes to join conditions caused simply by opening and closing an editing window, etc. - it was decided to change over to release 2. An external service provider changes the database, migrates existing objects and installs clients.


The data basis is used to create statistical evaluations or assessments of the data from the inventory management system in Cognos. This data refers to premium and new business trends, cancelations, key figures from the debt collections area, and quotations. The statistics are mainly used in the areas of controlling, sales and distribution and in accounting.