Short description:

Within the generic process digitalisation in the Health sector, the aim of the project is the creation of an infrastructure that allows to switch from paper based health provider - insurance communication to paperless transmission. Focus of PTAs activities are therefore the system interface definitions, prototype implementation as well as the definition of the system integration concept.


Within a highly heterogeneous environment, where data are decentralized recorded, a solution is planned to transmit these data to a centralized insurance repository. Interface specifications are documented within the OpenAPI 2.0 Template, while implememtation of the message transmitted is based on a webserver with providing RESTful Services and a file based handover to the receiver system. As the receiver site is constraint to use sftp as protocol, the access control must be implemented by a right control on system level. The planned authentification and authorisation concept needs to be specified but is not scope of the implementation. The chosen technology is C# by using the .NET framework and follows strictly defined design patterns like dependency injection.

Technical description:

The product is intended to simplify the health provider - healt insurance communication and aims to reduce significantly the costs for the health insurances. The saving is a result of several components, where the most important are: reduction of failures by creation and scanning, streamlining of processing steps within the insurance, as well as reduction of reaction times in case of issues. Challenging point for the whole project is the introduction of the GDPR within the project lifetime.