Short description:

For various EDI@Energy processes, checks will be carried out from 01.04.2021, which are defined by decision tree diagrams (EBD). The recipient of an EDIfact message performs checks in a prescribed sequence. After the check has been completed, a response message is sent to the sender.


In the central master data application and in the incoming document system, market messages are processed, which must be checked according to the specifications of the BDEW (Federal Association for Energy and Water Management). The systems are programmed with .NET code and have SQL databases as a basis. Decision trees are specified for the different application areas (for example GPKE, WiM Strom, GeLi Gas, excess and shortfall billing). Based on the paths traversed in the decision trees, the possible response codes used in the EDIfact response message are determined. Based on the response codes, the sender of the original message can determine which check steps of the decision tree have been traversed. The structure of the decision trees and the response codes are kept in master data tables of the two systems.

Technical description:

In the course of the project, support and assistance is offered for the partial implementation of decision tree diagrams according to the specifications of the BDEW. Within the customer's internal IT department, regular status meetings are held and tests are planned and carried out. The successive productive implementation of the decision trees on and after 01.04.2021 will be initiated and handed over to the customer's internal IT department for further support in day-to-day business. In addition, user training will take place.