Short description:

The customer's systems will be comprehensively adapted to the primary responsibility of the metering point operator for the metered values on the basis of the conversion of Market Communication 2020 from 01.12.2019. The customer holds the roles of metering point operator or supplier.


For the customer, the internal master data application, the measured value recording system, the incoming document processing, the energy data information system and the interfaces between the applications will be adapted with regard to the necessary changes to market communication in 2020 and the new development of a controlling system (MaKo service) will be started.

Technical description:

The following tasks are involved in the partial implementation of the adaptations for market communication 2020: Establishment and expansion of an interface between the central master data application and the MDM metering data system (including MaKo service), processing of new market formats (UTILTS, MSCONS profiles, MSCONS MSB) in the customer's own Biztalk and the adjacent systems, development of new processes on the basis of the specified concept, authorisation check of the market participants, handover of the tasks to the internal IT department for subsequent maintenance, user training and the documentation of new processes.