Short description:

The system described here is used for portfolio management of company-owned patents. The application has an interface to another patent management system for data exchange. Patent data that is not provided via the interface must be entered manually.


The application is developed strictly following the MVVM pattern based on WPF in C#. In-house developed libraries are used to cover general functionalities, which are already used in other projects of the customer. The data is stored on an MS SQL server 2016 provided and managed by the customer. PTA GmbH is responsible for the conception, realization and documentation of the application.

Technical description:

With the portfolio management application, the patents are managed and subjected to a cyclical evaluation. By generating special reports and documents (Patent Coordination Meeting and Patent Review Portfolio), which are created 2 - 4 times a year, a current evaluation, as well as an forecast on future market opportunities of a patent takes place.