Short description:

As part of the expansion of the openKONSEQUENZ platform, the module' Planned network activities' is now being created. This module enables the management of network activities that occur for network operators. PTA implements the module according to the functional and technical specifications of the openKONSEQUENZ. Additional modules are connected, such as Auth & Auth for user administration, CIM cache for calling up the network topology and SCADA adapters for communication with the control system.


The software solution is based on a PostgreSQL database, a Java backend and an Angular frontend. The communication between the modules is based on REST services and partly on file transfers. Continuous deployment is in place to ensure that the high quality requirements are met. Tools used include Sonar, Jenkins etc.

Technical description:

Every network operator has to maintain his networks regularly or has failures that have to be eliminated. To organize these activities optimally, the new module' Planned network measures' is used. This enables tasks such as the maintenance of network components to be planned in detail and unambiguously. In addition, the service technicians on site can update the status of the measure directly. This leads to high transparency and increased efficiency.