Short description:

The Act on the Introduction of an Electricity Price Brake of December 2022 regulates, on the one hand, the relief for electricity customers in connection with the very sharp rise in energy costs due to the energy crisis. On the other hand, it regulates the absorption of surplus revenues. This means that operators of energy generation plants that have generated unreasonably high revenues as a result of these increased energy costs must pay a portion of these revenues to counter-finance the relief on a pro rata basis. The handling of the complex regulations of the law is associated with extensive reporting obligations for which suitable portals must be provided on the Internet by the transmission system operators in a very short time.


Processing is carried out by the transmission system operator using a Java-based, distributed application with the Apache TomEE application server and Oracle as the database, and by its customers as part of its Internet web portal with the Apache Tomcat web server and also Oracle as the database.

Technical description:

A transmission system operator has the following responsibilities under the Electricity Price Brake Act (StromPBG): (a) Provision of portals on the Internet to fulfill the extensive notification obligations regulated in the Act (b) Checking and forwarding the information to the responsible inspection authority (c) Settlement of the associated costs