Short description:

The customer would like to be able to monitor and analyze the fulfillment process of his orders, which is mapped in a Dynamics 365 online instance, via a Power BI report / dashboard. In addition to a comprehensive overview, there should also be detailed views of the respective order status along the individual process steps. The aim is to implement transparent monitoring to optimize the steering and execution of the fulfillment process. Additional files with which the reports are enriched are stored on Azure.


PTA creates a data model with associated reporting and the necessary infrastructure in the cloud. The contents of the reports should be summarized in dashboards and then integrated into the Dynamics 365 online instance.

Technical description:

Power BI enables the data from Dynamics 365 to be presented in an interactive and visually appealing way. This allows quicker insights and a better overview of the current order situation. The reports created in Power BI Desktop are published in Power BI Services and distributed from there to the addressees.