Short description:

Events may influence the available capacity of a power plant. For transparency reasons such events need to be communicated to the (trading) public. In support of this, all stakeholders involved in a power plants operations need to be provided with a suitable event management application. The goal is to replace the existing solution with a cloud-based more stable application.


A set of prototypes are developed using a small backend based on .NET5 along with a frontend using Vue.js. The resulting application sketches are used to align the use and requirements of the the event management system with all stakeholders such as onsite shift workers and asset management staff at headquarters.

Technical description:

A power plant's available capacity may be influenced by a set of events. Such events are either planned (i.e. revisions) or happen unexpectedly (i.e. outages, either partially or full). For transparency reasons a timely notification needs to be provided by the plant's operator to the public. In support of this, all stakeholdes involved with operating the respective plant need a suitable and efficient application to track all events. The current system has been in use for some 15 years and now proves hard and costly to maintain. This project targets the design of a new system.