Short description:

A preliminary analysis is carried out for the creation of document entry software, including auditing of accounts and controlling functions, in order to create a cost estimate. The software shall record and check power, gas and water invoices and all the associated advance payments and reminders.


The cost estimate includes a rough analysis of the project's functional and technical requirements and a list of agreed boundaries. The estimate refers to software that can be used decentrally and shall be implemented in C# in Microsoft.NET. The application shall be integrated into the overall system landscape via the Microsoft BizTalk server, with communication to the other participating systems taking place via XML files.

Technical description:

The proposed application shall be used to record and check supplier invoices. Creditor data shall be forwarded to the accounts department via an interface, consumption data shall be transferred to a controlling system and to SAP-ISU. Evaluations, lists and statistics can be created for the documents.