Short description:

Currently, the customer operates three platforms - Seeburger BIS versions 5 and 6 as well as an SAP PO 7.5. All systems ultimately fulfill the same task, so that a pre-analysis project is now to evaluate to which system all processes could be migrated in the future - with the goal of subsequently shutting down the other two systems. The PTA is conducting the analysis on all three systems. At the end, a comparative overview including an evaluation of the systems is produced. This results in a recommendation for a target system.


The analysis requires in-depth technical knowledge of the business processes, as these are always implemented individually and are sometimes very complex. The procedure begins with the definition and weighting of the target criteria in close coordination with the customer. This is followed by a detailed analysis of the three systems according to the previously defined criteria. Based on these results, the PTA now determines the benchmarks in the dimensions functional, non-functional and commercial. At the end, the results are evaluated and compared, and a recommendation is made for a target system.

Technical description:

Our customer uses these platforms to offer its customers a fully digitized ordering and billing process via the business processes/interfaces implemented there.