Short description:

Creation of a preliminary study on merging or replacing various real estate valuation systems with the aim of standardizing and optimizing the valuation process. Multiple alternative solutions are evaluated.


In terms of the implementation, the preliminary study includes a discussion and evaluation of different technologies and architectures. Possible alternatives suggested for the user interfaces include a browser-based solution, connecting to the decentralized proprietary user interface, an implementation as 3270 screens or a purely Office application. Furthermore, multiple models are described for mapping or connecting and modularizing the business process logic.

Technical description:

Real estate is valuated from very different perspectives, and for very different reasons and purposes, and therefore by different bodies. Examples of this include determining market and mortgaging values when allocating a loan or selling a property. In the course of the preliminary study, the aim is to check and present multiple functional and organizational approaches to standardizing and improving this property valuation and integrating it into the existing system landscape. Important aspects include avoiding redundancy by dismantling isolated solutions, taking changed statutory framework conditions into account, providing the option of using mobile devices (offline capability) and connecting a geographical information system. The system should also be capable of running on multiple clients and support rating, particularly in terms of Basel II.