Short description:

As part of a quotation, the customer requests a LiveDemo. This LiveDemo is to illustrate the management of virtual machines in a BPMN process. The virtual machines are organized by the customer with 'VMWare vSphere'. Management is to be enabled starting from the user by means of automated process design. The Camunda platform is used as process orchestrator.


Various BPMN processes are created (create, change and delete a VM), which the user can trigger with the help of a script. Tasks are then created in the Camunda platform based on the previously defined process and assigned to the respective persons (user or administrator). Communication to the vSphere environment takes place via a REST API offered by VMWare.

Technical description:

The customer wants to automate the management processes of his virtual machines and integrate them into a BPMN process tool. As part of a quotation, he requests a LiveDemo, which is created by the PTA. The BPM tool chosen is Camunda BPN. It is installed and used in a Docker environment.