Short description:

An existing management application of radioactive preparations for the calibration of measuring devices and measuring equipment based on MS Access is transferred from the technical responsibility of the specialist department to the IT department. Necessary preparatory work, such as migration of the data storage from MS Access to SQL Server, creation of a new application interface in accordance with the company's CI guidelines and integration into the existing ITSM processes, is carried out by PTA.


The MS Access solution will be adapted in the area of the user interface to the existing look & feel specifications of the company CI. In addition, the data management will be transferred to a relational database based on SQL Server 2016 and the system will be integrated into the existing IT infrastructures. Thus, central services such as user administration & authorization assignment, monitoring, data protection & security can be used and the business department can be relieved of these tasks. An existing data interface to an automated chemical cabinet can still be used by implementing an additional export function.

Technical description:

In this application, radioactive preparations are recorded and managed with regard to their composition and storage location. The monthly checks for completeness and, if necessary, leak tightness of the containers are documented and annual evaluations for official supervision can be created.