Short description:

Due to the Value Added Tax Reduction Act for the second half of 2020, changes in the posting-relevant systems (master data application and incoming document system) are necessary in order to ensure invoice entry or creation with different VAT rates for all special cases.


In the inbound document system, electricity and gas invoices from network operators are entered with the included, possibly different VAT rates. Among other things, validation is complex because the gas billing day does not end until 6 a.m. on the following day. Another challenge is the clearing of partial payments with different VAT rates. The automatic entry and posting of incoming documents will be adapted in this regard. On the customer side, down payments made with different VAT rates are correctly cleared in the central master data application and shown on the customer documents. Programming is done with .NET code, document creation with Reporting Services and data processing with SQL databases.

Technical description:

The project involves numerous adjustments in the incoming document system and in the master data application. The necessary adjustments have to be designed for the automated capture of the incoming documents affected by the VAT reduction. They are then implemented in the incoming document system after approval by the specialist department. The customer billing documents will be enhanced with and without invoice character to include the VAT split in fiscal year 2020. Coordination of any necessary adjustments in the customer's own Biztalk server is also undertaken. Finally, an acceptance test is carried out and the system is handed over to the customer's internal IT department for further support in day-to-day business and user training.