Short description:

The aim of the project is to increase the degree of digitalisation in the area of accounting, disbursement and invoicing by automating interfaces and modernising applications. The PTA takes over the management of the project and analyses and models the affected processes. In the further course, implementation packages are compiled, prioritised and discussed with the development teams.


In addition to project management, the modelling of the affected processes is the focus of the PTA service. For this purpose, the processes are collected in workshops and documented in BPMN 2.0 with the help of the Visual Paradigm tool. Special consideration is given to the creation of a process map and the structuring of the processes into sub-processes over three levels. Using attributes, old and new requirements as well as supporting actual and target applications are assigned to the process steps. Pain points and potential for improvement are also stored as user stories in the modelling tool.

Technical description:

Various departments of the customer manage specific data in different programmes/systems. This data must be merged automatically so that it is available for subsequent processes. The provision of data for external consumers (e.g. health insurance companies) is automated as well.