Short description:

This process analysis project in agribusiness aims to investigate the processes and coordination in a new branch of production for the provision of plant protein-rich raw materials. From cultivation planning to harvesting and delivery of the raw materials, the individual steps are to be identified and documented in order to plan future efficiency increases, cost optimization and quality improvements.


PTA supports a small and newly formed project team in identifying individual processes and documenting them uniformly in ARIS using process maps and BPMN models.

Technical description:

By identifying bottlenecks and inefficient processes, PTA aims to optimize them in order to increase overall efficiency and reduce production costs. In addition, the documentation facilitates the onboarding of new employees and should also enable the integration of the new production branch into existing and newly established structures. The implementation of optimized processes strategically positions the company to gain a competitive advantage in the growing market for plant-based protein-rich raw materials.