Short description:

For an energy trading company, the processes for billing alarm services are expanded with regard to internal process checks and evaluations for various billing components. This ensures consistent monthly billing for all systems and an improved overview of billed services and services to be billed in the future.


The master data system is an internal .NET solution with MS SQL Server connection and a BizTalk communication interface to the SAP systems, in which any booking processes take place. The data for the alarm services incurred is imported from an existing external SQL database. The existing contract and billing structures, as they already exist for energy supply contracts, will be used and adapted to the new requirements. The focus of the adjustments is on automating the contract and billing processes.

Technical description:

For the new business area of alarm services, it is to be ensured that all systems are billed on a monthly basis; internal process checks are being implemented for this purpose. In addition, the new business area offers further potential with regard to the services offered and to be billed, which are to be determined by means of various analyses and evaluations of the alarms that have occurred to date. For this purpose, a user-friendly individual evaluation of the data according to different criteria will be implemented.