Short description:

A product is created in the form of a cloud application and offered as SaaS. This digital video counselling assistant enables the digitalisation of counselling sessions through the use of individual video counselling. The application is flexibly scalable, freely configurable and, in addition to the creation and processing of counselling processes, also includes the fully automated execution of counselling sessions.


Different tariffs can be taken into account and direct contracts can be concluded with automatically generated consultation documentation. If required, the application can also be linked to platform services and can thus be easily integrated into an existing digital business platform.

Technical description:

The Digital Video Advice Assistant is designed in such a way that end customers can be identified and advised in a personalised manner at any time. It is also equipped with useful service functions that simplify, for example, the reading of meter readings and the uploading of pictures. Forwarding and routing to all channels is also possible interactively - from the hotline to the chatbot, for example for enquiries and scheduling appointments.