Short description:

For the changeover in the course of the BDEW's Market Communication 2020, the customer's prepared systems will be switched productive from 01.12.2019. In this process, the main responsibility for the metered values will gradually be transferred to the metering point operator. The roles of metering point operator and supplier are relevant for the customer.


With regard to the necessary changes of the market communication 2020 of the Federal Association for Energy and Hydropower BDEW, different adjustments are positively set: The internal master data application, the measured value recording system, the incoming document processing, the energy data information system, the interfaces between the applications and the new development of a controlling system (MaKo-Service). In this course, further developments and monitoring are necessary.

Technical description:

For the productive implementation of the adaptations regarding the market communication 2020 as of 01.12.2019, the following tasks arise: Cross-project management, collation and coordination of the systems and departments involved, support for the productive implementation of the interfaces between the systems involved, support for the commissioning of the MaKo service. Furthermore, prioritization of the business processes in the case of competing requests by the business department takes place in the course of the go-live. Communication with standard software providers for remote meter reading ZFA and the metering data system MDM are also part of the project. Workshops are held with the customer's internal IT department and the affected specialist departments to ensure targeted implementation.