Short description:

An energy trading company expands its own portfolio to include the management and billing of alarm services. The new business area is integrated into the existing master data system and the data interface to the alarm service system goes live for the first time. Up to the initial booking for external companies on the contractor and client side, the import of data and its automated processing are monitored and, if necessary, supplemented by manual intervention.


The master data system is an internal .NET solution with an MS SQL Server connection and a BizTalk communication interface to the SAP systems, in which any booking processes take place. The data for the accrued alarm services is imported from an existing external SQL database. The existing contract and billing structures, as they already exist for energy supply contracts, will be used and adapted to the new requirements. The focus of the adjustments is on automating the contract and billing processes.

Technical description:

As part of the centralization of the management and support of alarm systems of the companies of the parent group, there is a need to bill the companies internally for this service. The customer is predestined to take on this task due to its experience in contract management and billing processes. It will build on the existing processes and thus achieve a relatively low-cost expansion of the portfolio. The new structures for billing alarm services can be used in the future to open up other service sectors in terms of billing technology.