Short description:

By introducing a test automation solution, the customer wants to increase the efficiency of his test activities as well as user satisfaction with regard to the applications used (web and mobile). PTA supports these activities in advance by evaluating the technical feasibility on the basis of established automation tools. The profitability of the targeted solution is also ensured by means of a profitability analysis.


By means of different proof of concepts (PoC) the most suitable automation tool is identified for a given end-to-end scenario. This scenario is based on the interaction between a modern web application based on HTML 5 and an Android app. For the actual implementation the tools Expecco, Ranorex, Rapise as well as a custom built framework based on Selenium and Appium are used. The results are evaluated utilizing a criteria catalog. The results are incorporated into the profitability analysis together with a quantity structure that was also created. This provides information about the amortization period and the expected profitability of the automation solution, taking into account all cost components (implementation, maintenance and support, license costs, etc.).

Technical description:

As part of the market area conversion from L-gas to H-gas, the customer, in its function as a transmission system operator, uses various applications for planning and controlling the mobile service personnel in the field. The two to three-week release cycles require efficient testing to ensure the quality of the software and thus a high level of user satisfaction.