Short description:

The demerger of a subsidiary from the parent company makes it necessary to transfer the controlling system for renovation and processing units in the real estate area. The programs are duplicated (cloned), checked for multi-client capability and adjusted, as necessary. Correct technical functioning is to be tested intensively, particularly in terms of the many changes to the access authorization.


There are no differences to the source system in terms of technologies used (see Real estate controlling, project ID 212). The challenge here is rather that events run in parallel; i.e. the subsidiary is founded and, more or less simultaneously, the entire software landscape is provided with a complete, functionally correct scope of functions. The scope of functions itself is not finalized until the development phase.

Technical description:

The duplication (cloning) of the controlling system in the real estate area for renovation and processing units (see project ID 212 for a description of the source system) features no or few functional tasks. The functional aspects are rather to define the HR organization of the user group for the duplicated system. In other words, the actual functional task is to specify who can see and edit which data and to implement this. Furthermore, a more comprehensive system test is carried out to verify whether the clone features the full range of functions. The system test also covers data exchange with the upstream and downstream systems.