Short description:

Design and implementation of a planning and controlling system for investment budgets with a connection to SAP R/3.


Due to the quantity of data that needs to be processed, the SAP data import and the data reconciliation are implemented in the database (see MS Enterprise Manager, work packages and T-SQL).

Technical description:

The application is divided into two main functions: 1. Maintaining projects and their planned values 2. Evaluating this information. Projects, project structure and planned values (divided into investments and shared costs) can be created and maintained for any planning statuses and plan versions. In order to collect the actual costs, the project structure is subsequently entered in the SAP project system PS. A daily interface is used to import the project and cost information from NACOS (SAP project solution in the automotive industry), so that SAP PS remains the leading system. The values can be evaluated in a planned/actual comparison and in numerous other reports and visual presentations. Summarizations across all projects and plants use key numbers such as Financed, Commitment and Allotted to provide information such as the expected financial demand for the next ten years, for example. Depreciations can be planned on the basis of scheduled plant projects.