Short description:

Development of an MS Access database system for planning and controlling building projects in the context of property development. The application enables systematic entry, cost-type assignment and documentation of all the associated costs, as well as the development of revenues from a construction project. Multiple reports provide an overview of the status quo and risks of a project.


The application is implemented in the PTA Access standard framework. All amounts in the currency format can be entered in DM or EURO and converted to the other currency at the press of a button. All reports can be exported to MS Word as RTF files.

Technical description:

Financing and selling real estate in the context of the property development business involves a series of risks for the financing bank. For these to remain under control, from the start of project planning through to completion of the undertaking, a database system is developed for recording and checking all the relevant data. This data includes: the jurisdiction and responsibilities for creating, selling and financing; buyers; building costs (entered in accordance with DIN 276 Costs in building construction); financial planning; and all incoming and outgoing payments. Various reports (e.g. for costing, invoices, overall assessment of the property) can be used to contrast the actual and target state of the project and to derive parameters from these for risk assessment.