Short description:

Further development of a database system for planning and controlling property developer and investor objects (see Property developer controlling I, project number 259). The system is connected to the central infrastructure and database systems. Functional enhancements include investor objects (letting) and options for reducing the documentation work.


The revised system is designed as a client/server solution and is connected to the credit institute's decentralized systems via corresponding host interfaces. The user interfaces are implemented with VB 6.0. DB2 is used for storing data centrally.

Technical description:

The focus of the existing property developer controlling system (see project: Property developer controlling I, project ID 259) so far has been on selling real estate. To be able to also use the system for investor properties, i.e. properties that are primarily created for rental (e.g. office buildings), the scope of functions has to be enhanced accordingly. From a functional perspective, this mainly involves examinations on the revenue side of the long-term rentability and in terms of the risk of lost rental income. The system experiences other improvements, especially to the data quality and data relevance, through the connection to the bank's central systems.