Short description:

Development of offline software for providing data for an internet market place for selling and renting real estate. The software can be forwarded to developers and estate agents for recording their properties. Data can be exported from and imported to the offline system either manually or automatically from other systems. There are multiple interfaces available for the second option.


The offline software is implemented in VB 6.0 for the application and MS-Access is used as the database. The interface between the offline software and the Oracle database for the internet real estate marketplace uses XML for data exchange. The same applies to the data transfer between different installations of the offline software. Data exchange, including imports from third-party systems, is controlled by a component implemented with VB 6.0. This enables different file formats to be imported. Further important aspects of the implementation include the option of saving media data (graphics and video tours) for the properties in the system, and generating an object ID that is unique even across independent installations of the software. Multiple language options are ensured by means of a resources file.

Technical description:

The real estate marketplace, which is based on Internet technologies, is supplied with data and used in a variety of different ways. One of these possibilities is offline software that can be used by different groups of users. These users include estate agents belonging to the real estate marketplace operator's organization, and other estate agents who want to offer their properties on the marketplace. In addition to textual documentation of the real estate offered for sale or rental, the system can also be used to save graphics and video tours of the properties. An authorization concept regulates access to the data for the different user groups. Numerous interfaces enable data import from third-party systems. A further interface is used to transfer data to the Internet marketplace. Prices can be entered in EURO and DM. In addition to the option of multiple languages, there is also the option of including further currencies.