Short description:

As part of the company's IT strategy, existing important IT systems based on MS Access and required over a longer period of time are to be converted to modern technologies. In order to demonstrate technological alternatives to the departments concerned, an intranet prototype is being created to replace a management application of radioactive preparations from PTA. As an essential side condition of this work it has to be considered not only to port the functionalities to current technologies, but rather to demonstrate modern approaches in the field of visualization and operation.


In addition to technological and operational aspects, the prototype is intended to demonstrate the advantages of simple application integration into the existing IT system landscape in terms of central authorization management, monitoring and connection to central data sources in order to realize medium-term efficiency increases and cost reductions. Current .NET 6 technologies, such as ASP MVC Core, Entity Framework 7 and the front-end libraries ag-grid 29, font-awesome 6 and Bootstrap 5 are used.

Technical description:

The prototype is intended to show the department how long-term investment security can be achieved in combination with efficiency increases through technological modernization in connection with the optimization of mapped functional processes.