Short description:

The software is used by the insurer for the development and maintenance of life and health insurance products. PTA is programming the frontend (user interface and business logic) in Java / JSP and is supporting the insurer in the migration of the database from DB2/on premise to Postgres/AWS.


Programming is done in Java. The frontend is provided via JSP. The version management is done via GIT. PostgreSQL is used as the database, which is made available via AWS. DBVisualizer and PGAdmin 4 are used to manage and analyze the database.

Technical description:

Depending on the authorization or user group, the departments can use this tool to configure life and health insurance tariffs, create or change the required parameters (e.g. interest rates and reference groups) and create Excel and PDF exports. Furthermore, the tool allows (also depending on the authorizations) to customize the user interface to a limited extent (e.g. create buttons and fields, change field names, etc.).