Short description:

Creating quality assurance reports for the mortgaging area on the basis of Oracle Reports and Graphics. The reports are based on a data warehouse that is implemented as an Oracle database.


The quality assurance reports created for management determine which data from special aggregation tables is to be displayed. These tables are loaded monthly from the existing data warehouse, an Oracle database. The reports can be accessed either individually or in their entirety in batch processing. Each individual report contains tables and a diagram. Different diagram types are used for this visualization. In order to display trends, each report contains a comparison of current values and the corresponding values from the past two years.

Technical description:

In order to reduce risks associated with financing real estate by using suitable control instruments, it is necessary to identify those risks. These risks include, for example, delays in paying interest and repayments, or a complete failure to repay on the part of the borrower. Data on the history of real-estate credits and other information about real estate (e.g. the borrower's credit rating, sales of parts of the real estate) collected over a long period of time are evaluated and these evaluations are grouped together into reports that help identify risks. The data that is needed for the evaluations is stored in a data warehouse and it comes from numerous upstream systems.