Short description:

Quality assurance and testing of a new component to be developed for claims management, including migration of legacy data and integration into the system landscape. In addition to supporting the test management, the main tasks include checking the requirements for consistency as well as creating test cases, carrying out tests, analysing errors and documenting the results. The project is a sub-project of a multi-year programme to replace a Cobol-based legacy system as part of a modernisation of the IT landscape.


MS Azure DevOps is used as the test management system. Database-based tests and analyses are carried out with the PSQL Control Centre or Oracle SQL Developer. Confluence is used as a platform for internal and cross-team documentation. In the first step of the new claims management development, the property insurance division will be implemented first. Parallel to claims management, the CRM system (see project ID 5211), which is now in production, will be further developed in separate sub-projects, as will contract management (see project ID 5996) and the system for premiums and their invoicing and settlement. In addition to the preparation and implementation of individual acceptance releases, end-to-end scenarios are being developed in the form of test cases to ensure that the processes and the interaction of the various system components work as expected, particularly in the later system integration phase.

Technical description:

Claims management is used to record and process claims relating to existing customer and insurance contracts. This covers the entire life cycle of a claim, from the initial notification to settlement or processing through to finalisation.