Short description:

The customer concludes contracts at the federal level for the provision of home emergency call services to insured persons. The data on these care aid contracts are made available to the care insurance funds for their billing. Suitable service providers conclude their own contracts, accession or participation agreements with the customer on prices and conditions, which are then imported into the specialist application in the form of a service provider list. This data is regularly made available to the nursing care insurance funds so that they can check whether and at what conditions the respective service provider can bill for its services. PTA provides the necessary quality assurance during the project development.


The development of the specialist application is done to replace an existing software, therefore the migration of the existing data into the new application is an important aspect of the project. The programming language used is Java 8 on a .NET 4.5 platform. The quality assurance of the project is based on a use case oriented creation of test cases in a test flow chart (Excel spreadsheet). The application is finally tested manually using end-to-end tests in a QA environment and any bugs are documented in Jira. In addition, inaccuracies in use cases are identified during the creation of test cases and these are specified accordingly.

Technical description:

The nursing aids contract directory (PHVM) is primarily used for billing home emergency call systems or nursing aids from suitable service providers. The proof of suitability of the service providers is guaranteed by interfaces to the institution identification directory as well as a database with the deposited prequalification certificates. New associations with their own contracts can be stored in the application or new service providers can be defined to join these contracts. In addition to this, various associations of service providers and organizations regularly send lists with registrations, data changes and deregistrations, which are to be imported by the application after successful verification.