Short description:

The aim of the project is the development and operation of an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDWH) based on a Business Object Model (BOM), which provides the departments with access to detailed data in the sense of self-service. The data is to be made available on a detailed level in a timely manner with high performance and quality and not as aggregates in the form of data marts on a daily basis as has been the case up to now. The PTA provides support in data modelling, database design as well as in the conception and implementation of the ETL and ELT processes within the framework of the management of the EDWH.


The BOM is a generic model that abstracts the customer's business processes independently of the operational systems. The business processes are defined by the Business Objects (BO) and contain not only data but also the processing or business logic. The BOs form the basis of the DWH and specify the modularisation on all levels (database, ETL tool, BI frontend). The technology stack is specified by the customer and consists of Teradata (MPP database), Oracle Data Integrator (ETL tool) and tableau (BI front-end). A challenge in the development of the EDWH, especially in ensuring low response times, is the customer's wish to dispense with the aggregation of detailed data in the form of data marts and instead allow analyses at the detailed data level. The PTA develops and implements concepts to guarantee performance requirements based on the customer's technology stack and architecture.

Technical description:

While the previous DWH only provided daily aggregates to users in different data marts, DWH 2.0 enables high-performance access to current detailed data in the sense of self-service BI. In addition, the implementation of the Business Object Model creates a uniform view of the business processes, which is independent of the customer's operative systems.