Short description:

Previously, the insured person's contractual partner was an individual doctor. This no longer corresponds to the reality of healthcare and therefore relevant business processes are being changed to legal entities as contractual partners. One example would be a medical care centre (MVZ) in which several doctors and other medical specialists are employed. Data structures, programme processes and communication interfaces with health insurance companies are adapted for the changeover. PTA is involved both in an advisory capacity and in the implementation.


Technically, there is a changeover from .NET Fullframework (4.8) to .NET 6. The process data is separated from a monolithic database into its own smaller one. From now on, other products will access this data via API (NuGet package). The previously used larger product is split into smaller services. These run as a job (implementation as a library that is executed by a host system developed by the customer) on a server.

Technical description:

Insured person data is received from the health insurance funds, checked and updated in the master data (database).