Short description:

Reengineering of a form fill-in aid for employers for the electronic transmission of social security reports. The application is part of the social security contribution and reporting system.


The data entered in the browser-based web application are first checked. The user gets dynamic and field-related help texts displayed to help him to fill out the forms. The personal data must be stored encrypted in the application at all times. For this purpose, on the one hand the data is encrypted with a certificate key and the first-mentioned certificate key is encrypted with a second key. The application thus enables secure transmission to the social security agencies via the legally prescribed electronic route.

Technical description:

For data exchange between employers and health insurance companies, the registration data according to the DEÜV (Datenerfassungs- und Übermittlungsverordnung / data collection and transmission regulation), contribution statements and certificates from the employer are encrypted and transmitted to the web application. The data is also encrypted and forwarded from the backend of the application to the central data collection point of the health insurance companies. The feedback and initial reports from the health insurance companies are called up by the application and made available to the employer in an online memory. Employers will be informed of any new feedback by email.