Short description:

The wage and salary interface between Paisy and an SAP system is to be replaced. Master data and transaction data are uploaded from Paisy. The wages and salaries are then posted and allocated to the CO objects (WBS elements, CO internal orders and cost centres) according to their origin. Statistical key figures are also written away. In future, wage and salary postings will be made directly in SAP HCM, whereas CO postings will be entered via the JobRouter tool and then posted to SAP via the Lobster EAI tool using an IDoc.


Direct activity allocation should be carried out using the ACC_ACT_ALLOC message type, whereas the statistical key figures are recorded using the ACC_STAT_KEY_FIG message type.

Technical description:

Paisy is to be replaced by SAP HCM for payroll accounting. It should be noted that the CO postings are not mapped via SAP HCM. In order to also record these on the CO objects according to their origin, the CO postings must be recorded separately.