Short description:

The customer is currently using SpiraTeam in version 4.x. When evaluating the upgrade to SpiraPlan 6.x it was observed that the macros for generating reports in Word are no longer working without errors. The goal of the project is to create the reports directly in Spira so that the macros are no longer needed. For this purpose the reports are now configured by means of XSLT in Spira.


In a hosted evaluation environment of SpiraPlan the standard reports Requirements Summary, Test Set Detailed, Requirements Tracebility are adapted by XSLT so that the Word document later displays the necessary data in the desired format (tables, tests, etc.). PTA is developing the XSLT code in Visual Studio Code and then copies the code into the report window in SpiraPlan provided for this purpose.

Technical description:

The customer is using the reports in a regulated environment to document requirement coverage and test coverage, the implemention of requirements, and the risks that have occurred in various projects. Because of the regulated environment, the reports must adhere to certain standards and shall be reqorked as little as possible. This can be ensured to a large extent by the XSLT programming.