Short description:

With the help of SAP's Human-Centered Approach to Innovation (HCAI), all future users and stakeholders are involved in the project through personal interviews and various creative workshops. The goal is the requirements analysis for the introduction of a CRM system (C4C from SAP) from the departments of marketing, sales and service.


This approach results in a high buy in from the stakeholders and the consideration of the perspectives of the different interest groups. New and creative ideas are developed and taken into account in the overall concept. A multi-level approach is used to create user scenarios with fully formulated and prioritized user stories.

Technical description:

SAP's Human-Centered Approach to Innovation (HCAI) is a methodology that combines the power of Design Thinking (DT) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) thinking. Design Thinking enables you to see the context of complex business problems through the eyes of an end user. By thinking in enterprise architectures, you can design the solution based on the desired user experience.