Short description:

The client requires regular updates of the object database from various data sources for a BPMN software. Together with the client, PTA defines requirements for the software manufacturer for an object importer. The success is evaluated and verified in tests developed together with the customer using various procedures.


The client requires regular updates of the object database from various sources for the BPMN modeling software Symbio and uses an importer provided by the software vendor, which retrieves object-dependent Excel files. Together with the client, the requirements for the different objects are set and the importer is tested. For this purpose, specific test cases are created in addition to exploratory and regression tests. In addition, the success of the object imports is checked with key figures such as completeness and accuracy using customized Power BI reports. The results are shared and discussed with the software manufacturer in joint meetings, which serve as a basis for further adjustments.

Technical description:

The regular imports of BPMN objects such as IT systems, controls, or organizational units are intended to provide long-term up-to-dateness of the data and synchronization with the other business units. To achieve this, it is of great importance that these imports are correct, but also that they do not affect the other software functionalities, so that they do not interfere with the employees' modeling of their processes. PTA colleagues can therefore successfully apply their extensive knowledge of this software in areas such as modeling, reporting and various functionalities.