Short description:

Further development of an online customer portal for displaying and managing insurance contracts. The project includes support with the specification of technical specifications, implementation and testing. The application offers the user an overview of his existing contracts with the insurance company. It is possible to make changes to these contracts yourself. The changes made in the portal are incorporated into the inventory system by Web services 'dark', i. e. without an administrator being involved.


Modern user interfaces, a high degree of user-friendliness, interactivity and hardware independence are the focus in the design and implementation of the application. An important project goal is the integration of the consulting software into the existing CRM system. This includes the connection of the online portal to the CRM system via web services, in order to provide the inventory data in the online portal and to incorporate the changes in the CRM system recorded in the online portal, as well as changes in the CRM system for the online connection.

Technical description:

Customer orientation and digitisation are key elements of the customer's strategic orientation. Through the online portal, it is possible to have the end user carry out easier contractual changes and contract information from an underwriting point of view, thus relieving the administrator's workload so that he or she has more time to deal with the insurance-related complexities.